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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

Saturday morning Rangers news and links


Hello, everyone.  Enjoying the start of your weekend?  Anyone have exciting plans?

The Rangers re-signed Jason Frasor yesterday, and there are stories about that.

Drew Davison has a story about the Rangers re-signing Jason Frasor.

Anthony Andro has a story about Frasor being happy to return to Texas for 2014.

Richard Durrett has a story on the Rangers re-signing Frasor.

Evan Grant has a blog post about the Rangers re-signing Frasor.

The Rangers' website has a story about Frasor coming back.

Gerry Fraley loves Cowboy Joe West.  Seriously.

Durrett has a story in which he says that Yu Darvish isn't at the same level as Justin Verlander or Adam Wainwright because he "hasn't stepped up . . . in the key moments."

Scott Lucas, on the other hand, goes through the numbers, and concludes Darvish is already the equal of Verlander and Wainwright.

Grant writes that the Ranger hitters could learn from the selectiveness of the offenses that remain in the playoffs.