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That guy who threw the home run ball back last night is kind of a jerk, apparently

Per Jeff Passan at Yahoo! Sports, the guy who threw the home run ball back last night was acting like a jerk even before that incident, and got thrown out of the game

Jim Rogash

In case you missed it, a BoSox fan last night took it upon himself to take a home run ball hit by the Tigers away from the woman who caught it, and throw it back on the field:



That's a no-no.

And it also is part of a silly trend in American ballparks -- throwing home run balls back if they are hit by the other team.  I don't understand why people do this.  Its a pointless gesture that was started by Cubs fans -- and does anyone really want to be like Cubs fans?

Personally, if I ever catch a home run ball, even one hit by the other team, I'm keeping it.  But if you don't want to keep it yourself, find a kid who is sitting in your vicinity and give it to him or her.  You'll make that kid's day, and it will be much more meaningful to that kid than throwing the ball back will be to you.

Anyway, you'll be surprised to know that this fan was, per Jeff Passan with Yahoo! Sports, apparently a jerk during the game, calling one African-American Tiger fan "Prince Fielder's crackhead brother," and saying "Bye, Trayvon" to him when security escorted him out.

Oh, and don't read the comments to the Yahoo! story.  Trust me.