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Wednesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for all your Cuban international free agency rumors

The Rangers should consider the red pants look
The Rangers should consider the red pants look
Koji Watanabe

Tip of the hat to Ben for covering for me yesterday. I was at the Dudes with Rad Beards secret monthly meeting. And, as those of you with rad beards know, they don't have Wi-Fi at the Dudes with Rad Beards secret monthly meeting.

The seventh part of ESPN Dallas' ten-part offseason question odyssey finds Todd Wills asking: Who plays left field? The answer currently being: Anyone but David Murphy.

On the coaching vacancies front, Anthony Andro writes that the Rangers have begun the interview process to fill the bench coach spot and that Steve Buechele could be first in line to replace Dave Anderson as first base coach.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers have already interviewed Tim Bogar for one of the open positions with the Angels also eyeing Bogar for a big league coaching job. So, Josh Hamilton, C.J. Wilson, and Scott Servais for Tim Bogar. Let's call it even.

Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors has a profile piece on International free agent, and Ranger target, Jose Dariel Abreu. Ultimately, Dierkes predicts that Abreu will be signed for around six-year, $54MM.

Jon Heyman writes about another Cuban free agent, infielder Alex Guerrero, who has been linked to the Rangers. Heyman, however, indicates that the Rangers aren't going hard after Guerrero. This makes some sense when you realize that the Rangers currently have 74 middle infielders.

Dan Szymborski has an ESPN Insider piece on the impending David Price derby and which teams make sense. It is anticipated that Price will be traded this offseason and the Rangers have long been rumored to be interested in him should he become available.

Lastly, our pal Jason Parks held a chat over at Baseball Prospectus yesterday. You can read it here. A noteworthy item: Parks, like any upstanding citizen, likes Nick Williams.