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Thursday Morning Links

Wherein we learn that every MLB player, from giant Prince Fielder to "two apples tall" David Eckstein urinate for approximately 21 seconds.

Tom Pennington

So yesterday we found out that the bench coach shortlist is down to four, with one of Tim Bogar, Jamie Quirk, Jim Tracy and Sam Perlozzo expected to get the job.

Also Neftali Feliz will be getting some extra work in the Dominican Winter League, and will be joined, interestingly enough, by Robbie Ross.

Injured soft-tossing lefties are the new market inefficiency.

Dan Szymborski tthinks the Rangers need another pitcher racking up 1-0 losses next season.

Evan Grant takes a look at Tim Bogar, the dreamiest bench coach candidate we ever did see.

Richard Durrett asks "who's going to close in 2014," and the answer is "probably not Joe Nathan."

Yu Darvish donated $42,000.00 to the Jackie Robinson foundation because carrying that much money in his wallet was bothering his sciatica.

Finally, did you ever wonder how much variation there was between the time different-sized animals spend urinating? Well, now your Google search histories will stop tripping every alarm in the FBI Indecency Task Force offices, because apparently every mammal from mouse to elephant urinates for approximately 21 seconds at a time.