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A Justin Upton/Martin Perez trade poll

Last offseason, Martin Perez was rumored to be part of a package Texas offered for Justin Upton. Would you trade Perez for Upton this offseason?

Tom Pennington

So, last offseason, the Rangers were hot and heavy after then-Diamondback outfielder Justin Upton, with Martin Perez being one of the pieces being offered as part of a package for the Arizona slugger. The Diamondbacks supposedly refused to deal Upton to the Rangers unless they got back Jurickson Profar or Elvis Andrus, and thus, no deal happened.

Perez took a step forward for the Rangers this year, helping to solidify a rotation that was without Matt Harrison and Colby Lewis, while Upton had a good, but not great, season for the Atlanta Braves (3.2 fWAR, 2.6 bWAR).

The Rangers are expected to at least inquire about Upton's availability again this offseason (after reportedly offering a Joe Nathan/Matt Garza/David Murphy package for him at the deadline), which leads me to wonder...if you are a Ranger fan, would you want to see Perez traded straight up for Upton at this point?

In terms of contracts, Upton is under team control for two more years at $28.75M, while Perez is under team control for five more years, two of them likely being pre-arbitration years, and the final three being arbitration years.

So, would you? Cast your vote...