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Rangers announce Nolan Ryan retiring as of 10/31/13

Nolan Ryan is stepping down as the CEO for the Texas Rangers


The Texas Rangers have announced that Nolan Ryan will be retiring as the team's CEO, effective October 31, 2013.

This does not, I suspect, come as a shock to those who followed the drama from earlier this year, when word came out that Jon Daniels had been made president of baseball operations for the Rangers, and would have final authority on all baseball matters.

Stories at the time indicated that Ryan was unhappy over losing his title of president of baseball operations and his ability to make the final call on baseball issues, and was contemplating stepping down this spring before deciding to see how things went over the course of the season.

Ryan, however, did not appear at the team's season-ending press conference, and while it appears clear that the organization wanted Ryan to stay on in his CEO role, he had made it clear that he didn't want to be a "figurehead," and seemed to view his current position as such.

A press conference is scheduled for 3:30 today.