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Notes from the Nolan Ryan retirement press conference

Nolan Ryan, Bob Simpson and Ray Davis held a press conference today to discuss his retirement

Eric Christian Smith

With the Rangers announcing the retirement of Nolan Ryan today, there was a press conference with Ryan and the two majority shareholders in the team, Bob Simpson and Ray Davis.  Some bullet points from that press conference:

  • Bob and Ray bought out Nolan's interest in the Rangers.  Nolan Ryan no longer is one of the owners of the Rangers.
  • The press release said Nolan was "retiring," Nolan said he was "resigning," a distinction that some folks on Twitter jumped on.  When asked about it, Nolan said you could use either word.  Nolan said he's not going to be the CEO for another major league team.
  • Bob and Ray said they've tried to talk Nolan out of this, but his mind was made up.
  • Nolan was asked what his relationship with Jon Daniels was like, and whether that led to his decision to leave.  He said his relationship with Daniels was good, and the relationship between him and JD didn't lead to him deciding to step down.
  • Nolan emphasized, more than once, that the re-structuring of the organization last winter didn't lead to him deciding to leave -- he says it is where he is in his life.
  • Bob and Ray say that Ryan will not be replaced as CEO -- there will be no CEO, and Ray Davis says he will represent the Rangers at league meetings, etc.
  • Galloway got into it with Davis, pressing him on whether Nolan's responsibilities and authority was really the same as what they were before the restructuring.  Davis insisted it was, and Galloway then brought up Jackie Moore.  Davis responded, "Is the bench coach a major decision?"  Galloway says it was, Davis says it wasn't.  Jeff Wade suggested on Twitter that Galloway is setting up Davis to be the "villain" in this story, and with Davis saying he'll be the guy who represents the team at league meetings, this will play into his "Davis is a power-hungry owner deposing Ryan" narrative.
  • Bob and Ray emphasized that Nolan's role with the team was a unique role, that no one is really going to fill.