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Jackie Moore goes scorched earth on his way out

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Former Ranger bench coach Jackie Moore, who was fired this month by the Rangers, unloaded on general manager Jon Daniels in a radio interview today

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Jackie Moore was hired by Nolan Ryan to be Ron Washington's bench coach after Ryan fired Art Howe at the end of the 2008 season.

Moore served in that capacity from 2009-13, but was fired by Jon Daniels after this season.  After yesterday's press conference where Ryan announced he was leaving the organization, Moore has apparently decided to go scorched earth on the Rangers and, in particular, on Jon Daniels.

Moore was on 103.3 FM in Dallas this morning, and while I did not hear the interview, the following tweets from ESPN's Jeff Platt seem to cover all the major topics:

Landry Locker had some tweets summarizing Moore's comments, as well:

If nothing else, the comments by Moore seem to exemplify why the status quo -- Nolan sharing power with Daniels, and each of them having their people trying to co-exist -- wasn't going to work.  It also sounds like the friction between the camps was less about player personnel issues, and more about hiring/firing of non-player personnel on the baseball side, as well as fundamental philosophic issues about roles.