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Wednesday Morning Links

Which stage of grief is "irritated at Lance Berkman?"

And if I move my finger like this it looks like I took my thumb off!
And if I move my finger like this it looks like I took my thumb off!
Tom Pennington

Todd Wills has a post confirming that Yu Darvish was pitching through pain, and as LSB Chief Medical Correspondent, I can confirm here, for the first time, the pain was a result of yearning heartbreak from pathetic run support and, knowing Ranger diagnostic trends, probably a case of thoracic outlet syndrome.

Ron Washington would be glad to have Cruz and Nathan back next season, saying of Cruz, "When you think about a Nelson Cruz, who wouldn't want a Nelson Cruz," adding "Come on, you saw that ESPN The Body issue, didn't you?"

Gerry Fraley says the Rays survived a blown call on Leonys Martin's diving catch in the stupid play-in to the play-in game, though I consider that getting shortchanged by the cosmos on our karmic payback for the muffed Allen Craig swipe-tag call in 2010.

Fraley also notes Washington's confirmation that Yu Darvish "had something" that was hurting him, though Fraley does not note whether said "something" was rage tumors filled with angry Japanese Giant Hornets due to massive late season media narrative fail.

Anthony Andro explores Ron Washington's advocacy for the elderly.

Jeff Wilson ponders the many "what ifs" that haunt the Rangers 2013 campaign, like what if we shot David Murphy into the sun and what if we destroyed the unholy shrine to Baphomet in Billy Beane's office? There's also a poll in that article where we can assign blame for 2013 on the responsible party, with "Hitters" running away with it as of this writing because only 21% of the FWST's readership is as dumb as Galloway.

Gil Lebreton's got an article that uses "selling" and "salesmen" as its thematic hook, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me but, whatever, it's been a long season.

Drew Davison's notes column says that Washington recognizes that Yu Darvish had an amazing year statistically and that Martin Perez had a breakout year.

T.R. Sullivan says that there are two ways you can look at this season, either as a terrible disappointment or as urine in Josh Hamilton's Cheerios.

Evan Grant says that Nolan Ryan believes this is going to be a tough offseason.

Fraley quotes an unnamed source saying that the physical problem ailing Yu Darvish appears to be sciatica.

Finally, here's some pictures of calcified birds because Africa is bananas and their lakes will kill you and everyone you love.