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Five Rangers (or six) make the Sally League Top 20 Prospect List

Baseball America's top 20 prospect least for the South Atlantic League includes five Ranger prospects, and one Ranger prospect who was traded in July

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America has their top 20 prospect list out for the South Atlantic League, and there are five current Ranger prospects who make the list.

However, six players from the Rangers' affiliate, the Hickory Crawdads, make the list...BA's #3 Sally League prospect is righthanded pitcher C.J. Edwards, who went from Texas to the Cubs as part of the ill-fated Matt Garza trade.

The toolsy Ranger teenagers got ranked #11 through #15, with Lewis Brinson coming in at #11, followed by Joey Gallo (who is compared to "Infinite Jest" in terms of the difficulty of reading his future), Nick Williams, Jorge Alfaro, and Nomar Mazara.

I'm surprised that Alfaro, who I think will probably be one of the top three prospects in most offseason Ranger prospect rankings, is below Brinson, Gallo and Williams.  Also noteworthy that Ronald Guzman, signed at the same time as Mazara and thought by many to be the better prospect, didn't make the cut.