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Sunday morning Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links


Hi everybody.

There's still stuff out there about Nolan Ryan leaving, of course...

Jim Reeves as a column on what Ryan meant to the Rangers since re-joining the organization as team president.

Evan Grant writes that Ryan had an impact on the team's pitchers, and in particular, on their starting rotation.

Joe Nathan wants a two year deal.  The Rangers almost certainly aren't going to give him a two year deal, so it seems likely Nathan will be pitching elsewhere in 2014.

In not exactly Rangers related news, Hal McCoy expands on the Reds wanting to deal second baseman Brandon Phillips, writing that his declining play, alienation of management, and unpopularity in the clubhouse have Cincinnati wanting to move Phillips.  If the Rangers are looking to deal Ian Kinsler, then the presence of Phillips on the trade market could make that more difficult, although McCoy says that Phillips' reputation could reduce the number of teams interested in him.