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Wednesday Morning Links

And so the Post-Nolan Nightmare begins.

If he had gotten a tramp stamp he would have finally hit lefties.
If he had gotten a tramp stamp he would have finally hit lefties.
Nick Laham

For those of you that prefer films, not movies, I've got good news... Derek Holland is going to be in the opening scene of Dumb and Dumber To, because of course he is. I worked at the AMC Sundance when the first one came out, and I remember thinking "why is The Professional always empty and this turd jam-packed?" Whatever. I'm going to take the opportunity presented by a Dumb and Dumber reference to post this possibly NSFW clip of Lauren Holly from Picket Fences that always stuck with me.

Todd Wills continues his Defining Dozen series of defining moments for the 2013 season with a look at Yu Darvish's September 4 start against the A's. Wills rightfully pooh-pooh's any "not an ace" talk, but man I sure hate the farking A's.

Richard Durrett has a post where Ron Washington reflects on Jim Leyland's career, noting that Leyland asked Washington to coach in the All Star game before Ron's first spring training game was over.

Finally, we know from Hank Blalock that they don't cure thoracic outlet syndrome and from Josh Hamilton that they don't cure Red Bull Eye, but Otzi the Iceman shows evidence that Copper Age Europeans used tattoos therapeutically.