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Friday Morning Links

Oh, boy, is my face red.

If the simian rampage doesn't get you, a hemorrhagic fever certainly will.  Thanks Outbreak Monkey!
If the simian rampage doesn't get you, a hemorrhagic fever certainly will. Thanks Outbreak Monkey!
Al Bello

I completely forgot what day it was yesterday. Fortunately, Adam... corrected me, sir.

T.R. Sullivan has an inbox column up, and, as per usual, it is a useful tonic for anyone that might be harboring populist tendencies. There are unfortunately no questions about if, were the Nolan / Daniels conflict the War of the Roses, executive vice president Joe Januszewski would be Percy, Earl of Northumberland or a filthy Yorkist like Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. There are some questions about signing Joe Nathan for "a few" years, why Neftali Feliz can't go back to the rotation, and, I don't know, probably something about if the Rangers are still going to run the Tampa 2 with Nolan leaving the organization.

Sullivan also notes that Ray Davis will be the controlling owner for MLB purposes, a move that will likely be formalized at the winter meetings.

Kevin Sherrington had a chat session on Wednesday, and says that he doesn't see the Rangers getting into a bidding war over anyone but Nelson Cruz which is a strange position to take for a number of reasons. Reason the first: qualifying offer. Reason the second: No reason to suspect Rangers front office harbors a fetishistic obsession with elderly outfielders bordering on the Dipoto-esque . Reason the third: Brian McCann (please).

Profar is doing Profarings in the Dominican.

Todd Wills' Defining Dozen Series continues with a look at Martin Perez's push into double digit wins and Matt Garza having the heart of a champion and the fastball of Matt Perisho.

Apparently the Rangers are worth $1 billion, so that's neat for Ray and Bob.

Finally, here's an interesting thread on Reddit where non-Americans say what they found strange about visiting America. Also when I was Googling about semi-aimlessly looking for Shelley Duvall / Stanley Kubrick stories, I found this Shelley Duvall interview which manages to reinforce, if any reinforcement were needed, the fact that any story that involves either a pet monkey or Stanley Kubrick inevitably ends with a simian rampage