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On the possibility of Texas trading for David Price

Lance Rinker has a piece looking at the possibility of the Rangers trading for David Price

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lance Rinker has a piece on the possibility of the Texas Rangers trading for Rays lefty David Price this offseason.

The Price situation is going to be intriguing to follow this offseason.  The Rays are going to be interested in shopping Price, I suspect, but with two arbitration seasons to go before he hits free agency, and with Price likely looking to get around $35M in those two seasons, it reduces the available market for Price.  In addition, Price isn't exactly coming off a stellar 2013 season, which is going to dampen enthusiasm for trading for him somewhat.

On the one hand, given what James Shields and Wade Davis fetched from the Royals last season, and given the ridiculous package the Mets got for R.A. Dickey (Travis d'Arnaud AND Noah Syndegaard) when Dickey had just one year of team control remaining, you'd think that the Rays are going to demand even more for Price.  On the other hand, I don't know how many teams are going to be willing to part with those sorts of high-end prospects and pay Price the money he's going to make.

Rinker's piece includes some quotes from me on a possible deal, including what sort of package the Rangers would have to/would be willing to give up to land Price.