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Thursday Morning Links

End of disappointing season fails to fall on Jackie Moore's birthday, inevitable occurs.


Melrose Place has nothing on the Rangers front office as imagined by Randy Galloway. Based on Galloway's 2013 season post mortem, it appears that he imagines the Rangers narrative to be a cross between I, Claudius and Cocoon (assuming that the Cocoon aliens were all xenomorphs and Wilford Brimley and Jessica Tandy are replaced by Jackie Moore and Randy Galloway).

In Jeff Wilson's less histrionic analysis, we learn that possible candidates to replace Moore and Anderson include Eric Wedge, Steve Buechele and Round Rock manager Bobby Jones, and not, as I was led to believe in the previous column, Jon Daniels' personal pet incubus.

T.R. Sullivan mentions the above possibilities, and also Hector Ortiz and Dale Sveum and quotes Ron Washington as looking for someone who can "help you navigate through the game." Sullivan also has a column on the offseason's probable focus on offense and a look at potential free agent targets.

When Evan Grant is tasked with writing about Ron Washington's strategic strengths, he wants you to know that Wash has "a pretty face" and "a great personality."

Richard Durrett manages to ink a eulogy for Jackie Moore's time with the Rangers that is sympathetic to Moore while acknowledging that maybe someone with other strengths is best suited to help Wash.

And it appears that Darvish's physical problems were related to sciatica or some lower back issue, which nixes my rage tumors / Giant Hornets hypothesis.

Finally here's a listThu of 10 mysteries only solved in the last year.