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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A bunch of drama is getting stirred up in regards to the front office politics with the Rangers right now...

Jackie Moore told Channel 4's Mike Doocy yesterday that he was hired by Nolan Ryan and fired by Jon Daniels, with Moore suggesting that he was fired for being a Ryan hire.

As expected, Randy Galloway came hard at Jon Daniels after the Jackie Moore firing, with Galloway saying that Nolan Ryan should show up at TBiA today and fire Daniels, as well as all of Daniels' "groupies."  While there is much Galloway-esque histrionics, though, Galloway never actually says why Daniels should be fired.

Kevin Sherrington writes that either the rift between Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels (or their "camps") needs to be fixed, or one of them has to go.  Sherrington's got a good take on things, noting that, while JD's decisions appear to be business, not personal, it is understandable that Ryan would view his people being pushed out of the organization as personal.

Jeff Wilson has a story on the Rangers' offseason plans, with the focus being on the offense.

T.R. Sullivan also has a piece on the offseason situation, with Jon Daniels saying they expect to make a qualifying offer on Nelson Cruz, and aren't sure what will happen with Joe Nathan.

Wilson's notes talk about a contract extension for Ron Washington being discussed, Yu Darvish's nerve issues in his back which held him back the last month or so, and Jurickson Profar getting more playing time.