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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

Saturday morning news and links

Rick Yeatts

Morning, everybody.

A story came out yesterday that said Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan had to be separated after almost coming to blows Wednesday night.  The story was put out there by Shan Sharrif and R.J. Choppy, who have a show on one of the D/FW sports talk stations, but has been largely dismissed or ignored (apparently because it isn't worth acknowledging because it is so ludicrous) by the folks who cover the team regularly.  Maybe this happened, but I have a real hard time picturing JD and Nolan even getting close to getting physical with each other.  At this point, I'm inclined to dismiss this story.

The DMN has some excerpts from an interview Jon Daniels did with Ben and Skin yesterday, which is worth checking are a couple of highlights:

On an alleged near physical fight between himself and Nolan Ryan this week:
“That’s like Hollywood paparazzi b.s.-type stuff. That’s embarrassing, honestly, that somebody on your radio station would say that … That couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s insulting.”

* * *

On why Nolan Ryan was not at the season-ending press conference:
“That’s a question for Nolan. You should ask Nolan.”

John Dewan, author of The Fielding Bible and creator of the Defensive Runs Saved stat, thinks Elvis Andrus is the favorite for the Gold Glove Awards.  I tend to be dismissive of the meaningfulness of the Gold Glove Awards, but Elvis winning one would still be pretty cool.

Gerry Fraley has a blog post about Kyle McClellan becoming a minor league free agent.  The headline is, "Pitcher who helped keep Texas Rangers out of playoffs takes free agency."  Stay classy, Fraley.

Finally, I was checking out the comments on Galloway's screed from yesterday at the S-T website.  While most of them lambasted Galloway, there was one person -- identified as a "Top Commenter" -- who has Galloway's back:

Spot on Randy. Daniels is an arrogant power hungry fraud. Jackie Moore forgot more about baseball than Wonder Boy ever knew. Mitch Moreland over Chris Davis, wasting 4 promising youngsters for an average pitcher (Garza) that Minnesota, Tampa, and the Cubs already gave up on, hiring Dave Magadan, thinking Murphy was an every day player, thinking Gentry/Martin could replace Hamilton's production, paying washed up Berkman TWICE what the BoSox are paying Napoli, overvaluing Profar and now completely destroying his trade value, passing on Greinke, passing on Upton, passing on Swisher, extending Holland, extending Harrison, extending Kinsler, etc.. I won't even get into giving away Adrien Gonzales for Adam Eaton. Wonder boy apologists please spare me the Yu Darvish signing. $105 million for 13 wins isn't exactly a stroke of genius. Good GM's in Oakland, Tampa, and Pittsburgh construct MUCH better teams with a fraction of the payroll Wonder Boy wastes in Arlington. In 3 years the Rangers will lose 100 games and Wonder Boy will get the pink slip he richly deserves.

I'm guessing this person doesn't frequent LSB.