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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Your number one source for all Oakland A's sewage jokes

Start your day the right way with Adrian Beltre
Start your day the right way with Adrian Beltre

So a guy takes BART to the Coliseum and says, "It's a real shame that the grass is brown now that the Raiders are playing," and the operations manager says, "Oh, that's not the Raiders; Bartolo flushed."'s Mark Newman notes that voting is underway for the 2013 Hank Aaron Award for Hitting Excellence. Adrian Beltre is up for the award. You should vote for him because he he doesn't have a bird's haircut like Josh Donaldson. Also, who has a bigger neck: Mike Trout or Mike Scioscia?

Richard Durrett is back with the ESPN Dallas 10-part series examining questions to be answered by the Rangers this offseason. First up: Should the Rangers re-sign Nellie Cruz?

Evan Grant declares that figuring out what to do with Jurickson Profar in 2014 should be the first order of business in Baseballtown, Texas this winter.

ESPN Dallas celebrates Randy Galloway's final radio broadcast. The way they celebrate it is surprising because it isn't a celebration of the fact that we'll never have to hear Galloway's cartoon stereotype voice - the one that shames all you Texans every time he opens his mouth - spout gasbag nonsense that turns our enjoyment of sports into a soap opera for 35-year-old men. No, they're actually trying to make a loving tribute to the man. Weird.

Now that Galloway is off the air, all the fringe DFW media types must be champing at the bit to fill the troll void. For example, here's Mike Bacsik opining that "computer genius" Jon Daniels has beaten out "greatest pitcher in baseball history" Nolan Ryan and now the Rangers will be run by nerds with their newfangled data programs and stats.

You think Bacsik realizes JD has been calling shots for like eight years now and that the person he listens to maybe the most is 137-year-old scout Don Welke? That's not the point, is it?

Randy Galloway must be so proud of the legacy he's left.

Lastly, someone asked for a poll about whether or not we want to see the Rangers sign Cuban first baseman Jose Dariel Abreu. I've included such a poll with this morning links post. Vote away, nerds.