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Wednesday Morning Links

Tom Pennington

Yu Darvish got an injection and then flew back to Japan, because a trans-Pacific flight is just the thing you need when your back hurts.

T.R. Sullivan has an inbox column, where we learn that the Rangers are interested in Jose Abreu and that the Rangers wish David Murphy all the best in his future endeavors, provided that his future endeavors don't involve playing for the Rangers.

Todd Wills has a column on whether the Rangers should bring back Matt Garza. Spoiler alert: ha ha, of course not, Matt Garza is terrible.

Scientists have used MRI's to examine dogs brains, and have come to the conclusion they may be "as conscious" as young children.

Finally, I'm going to do some book reviews this offseason, probably starting with The Sports Gene and covering both fiction and nonfiction. If you've got some specific requests, like, for instance, you're Adam and you want to request I review a book that you know I will hate, suggest some titles in the comments.