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Rangers place two in Texas League Top 20 prospect list

Baseball America's top 20 prospect list for the Texas League features two Ranger prospects

Luis Sardinas
Luis Sardinas

The Baseball America Top 20 Prospect List for the Texas League is out, and to my surprise, the Rangers placed two players in the top 20.

I didn't figure the Rangers would have anyone in the top 20, as Frisco was somewhat prospect-bereft much of the year, but Rougned Odor made the cut at #4 and Luis Sardinas came in at #11.  I didn't think either of those guys would have enough at bats to qualify or make enough of an impression to make the list, but they did, so...there you go.

Odor is a second baseman with good offensive skills, and he put up an impressive .306/.354/.530 line as a 19 year old in his short time in Frisco.  Frisco manager Steve Buechele says Odor "had a chip on his shoulder," which is the same thing Odor's manager in Myrtle Beach said, so that caught my eye.

Sardinas is a slick fielding shortstop who is still just 20 years old, despite seemingly having been around forever, and his future depends on what happens with his bat and his health, as there seems to be no doubt that he can be a plus defender at shortstop in the majors.