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Friday morning Rangers stuff

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Tom Pennington

Morning everyone.

With the World Series having ended, the offseason has officially begun, and Jeff Wilson has a story on some of the prime free agents that the Rangers will be interested in.  This statement on Matt Garza, though, threw me for a loop:

He didn’t pitch like the pitcher they had coveted, which is one reason why some in the organization want him back. That group believes that they saw the worst of Garza and will see the best over the terms of his next contract.

So...because Matt Garza pitched poorly, some in the organization want to bring him back?  I'm confused.  Wilson, for what it is worth, is on Team Sign Garza.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on the contract status of the 2013 Rangers players, and says that addressing the situations with Nelson Cruz and Joe Nathan is the immediate priority.

The Rangers have declined their 2014 option on Lance Berkman.  Shocking, I know.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers' first "crisis of the winter" is, what do you do with Ian Kinsler?

ESPN Dallas's "Defining Dozen" series continues with a look at Matt Harrison's injury and Ron Washington's team meeting in Cleveland.

Sullivan writes that the Rangers have received seven GIBBY Award Nominations.

Yesterday was Nolan Ryan's official last day, though Grant notes that Ryan had already packed up and left earlier in the month.

And Randy Galloway has a column that starts off being grousing about Ray Davis and Jon Daniels forcing Nolan Ryan out, then spends about two-thirds of its column length talking about Koji Uehara, before returning to grousing about Davis and Daniels.

On a non-Rangers note, congrats to BP's Colin Wyers, who is going to work for the Astros.