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Yankees re-sign Derek Jeter to 1 year, $12 million contract

The New York Yankees have re-signed Derek Jeter


The New York Yankees have announced that they have re-signed shortstop Derek Jeter to a one year contract worth $12 million.

Jeter had a player option for 2014 that included a $3 million buyout.  I am assuming that that buyout is not included in Jeter's $12M figure for 2014.  If not, then the Yankees are at $101M in commitments for 2014, giving them $88M to spend without going over the $189M luxury tax figure that they are supposedly trying to avoid crossing.  If the $12M includes the buyout, then they are at $98M in commitments for 2014.

Jeter, who turns 40 in June, played in only 17 games last year, putting up a .190/.288/.254 line in 73 plate appearances.  One of the things that the Yankees will have to decide is whether Jeter can continue to handle playing shortstop, or if he will need to move to a less taxing defensive position.