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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Ronald Martinez

If you want Rangers news this morning, you are pretty much out of luck.  The usual suspects are pretty much barren in regards to Rangers stuff this morning.

Ken Rosenthal does have a piece at Fox Sports where he says that a trade of Ian Kinsler or Elvis Andrus is "starting to look inevitable."  Rosenthal is obviously more plugged in than I am, but I wouldn't say that a deal involving one of those guys is inevitable.  I also don't think that Elvis is going to be moved.  Kinsler, on the other wouldn't surprise me if he were dealt.  But I'd think Jurickson Profar is more likely to be dealt than Andrus.

In other news, Gerry Fraley has a blog post about Robbie Ross throwing five scoreless innings in his most recent outing in winter ball.

Fraley also has a piece on the upcoming winter meetings, where the Rangers want to avoid being like the Angels and instead focus on upgrades through the trade market.  Fraley says that, of the three major league middle infielders the Rangers have, Elvis is the most attractive trade chip to other teams, and Kinsler is the least attractive.