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Cardinals inquire about Andrus/Profar, per Passan report

The St. Louis Cardinals have inquired with Texas about trading for a shortstop

Jason Miller

The St. Louis Cardinals are looking for a shortstop and have inquired with the Rangers about acquiring one, per a story from Jeff Passan.

The Passan piece mainly focuses on the Cardinals' interest in Colorado Rockies' shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, but also hits on the possibility of a Cardinal/Ranger match:

Not only have the Cardinals shown significant interest in Tulowitzki, the Rockies' 29-year-old shortstop, they've inquired about the availability of a shortstop from the Texas Rangers, who have Elvis Andrus and Jurickson Profar, sources said.

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Certainly the Cardinals have the pieces to land him – or, if the Rockies balk, one of the Rangers' shortstops. Between a logjam at first base and a surplus of hard-throwing, young arms, St. Louis has stockpiled the sort of talent to pull off a 3- or 4-for-1 deal.

We've talked before about the possibility of a Jurickson Profar for Oscar Taveras deal, and the Cardinals could also put together a package with pieces like Shelby Miller and Matt Adams that would be of interest to the Rangers.

Of course, this assumes that the Rangers would be willing to deal either Elvis Andrus, who just received a big extension and who management has identified as part of the "core" they want to build around, or Profar, who the front office thinks extremely highly of.

At this point, if I had to bet, I'd say that Profar, Elvis and Ian Kinsler are all with the Rangers come spring training, and there will be much talk about why the Rangers didn't deal someone.

That said, if the Rangers do trade one of their shortstops, St. Louis would seem to be one of the most likely destinations.

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