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Texas Rangers Newest Coach: Bengie Molina

The Texas Rangers have hired Bengie Molina to be their first base coach and catching instructor

Justin Sullivan

Bengie Molina has been hired by the Texas Rangers to be the team's new first base coach and catching instructor.

Molina, 39, last played major league ball in 2010.  The Rangers acquired him midway through the 2010 season in exchange for Chris Ray and Michael Main, and Molina was the team's primary catcher the rest of the season and in the playoffs.  He most memorably hit a two out, three run homer off of A.J. Burnett in Game 4 of the 2010 ALCS that gave the Rangers the lead and sparked a big win over the Yankees, and had one of the most unlikely cycles in MLB history when he achieved that feat against Boston in July, 2010.

Molina had a reputation throughout his career for being a terrific defensive catcher, and the Rangers are clearly hoping to tap into his reservoir of knowledge in bringing him on board to be the catching instructor.

Molina is replacing Dave Anderson as the team's first base coach.  Tim Bogar was previously hired to replace Jackie Moore as the bench coach for Texas.

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