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Simulated Winter Meetings -- What the Rangers did

I was the g.m. for the Rangers in a winter meetings simulation. Check out what I did.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I participated in a simulated winter meetings exercise, acting as the g.m. of the Rangers.  You can see a summary of all the transactions for all the teams here.

My biggest move was signing Brian McCann at 6 years, $110M.  I also traded for Logan Morrison, got Michael Morse on a one year deal with an option, and brought Nelson Cruz back on a 2 year, $30 million deal.  As a result, I've got Morse, Moreland, Morrison, Cruz, Gentry, Engel, Leonys and Rios who I can mix-and-match in the DH/1B/OF spots.  I still need a backup catcher, and I still have to figure out what to do with the middle infield situation, but overall, I feel good about this roster.

I went hard after Salvador Perez (couldn't get him for Profar), Travis d'Arnaud (discussed a deal involving Profar for d'Arnaud and others) and Jonathan Lucroy (didn't want to eat the Weeks contract to get him) before signing McCann, shopped Profar unsuccessfully to the Cardinals, Braves and Rays, among other teams, and had discussions about a Ryan Howard and prospects for Ian Kinsler deal that broke down over how much money Philly would eat.

The sim g.m.s who were asking about Profar were trying to buy low, it appeared.  I was offered Michael Choice and Dan Straily for Profar (I said I'd have to get Addison Russell as part of that package to even begin thinking about it, which ended discussions).  I was also floated a three-way deal with the Rays and Cards where we would get David Price and David DeJesus while giving up Martin Perez, Jurickson Profar, Joey Gallo and Connor Sadzeck (Profar would go to St. Louis in that deal, while Oscar Taveras would go to Tampa).  That was a non-starter for me.

Kansas City discussed Perez and Wade Davis for Profar, Rougned Odor and Nick Tepesch, which I had to think about, and offered Billy Butler for Odor and Tepesch (which was an easy no).