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Terry Francona, Clint Hurdle named Managers of the Year

Terry Francona and Clint Hurdle have been named the A.L. and N.L. Managers of the Year

Tom Pennington

The Manager of the Year for the A.L. and for the N.L. was announced today.

Terry Francona won in the American League, with John Farrell finishing second and Bob Melvin third.

In the National League, Clint Hurdle was the winner, with Don Mattingly second and Fredi Gonzalez third.  Mike Matheny was the only other N.L. manager to get any votes.

As you can see from the link above, Ron Washington finished tied for 7th in the A.L. -- he, Buck Showalter, and Ned Yost each got one third place vote apiece.  Todd Wills of ESPN Dallas cast the vote for Wash.

I expect there will be a certain amount of hoo-hawing over Wash getting support, since, you know, so many fans and analysts are convinced he's incompetent, and the Rangers lost Game 163 to miss the playoffs.

But at the same time, the Rangers won 91 games in 2013 -- and they did it without Matt Harrison, without Colby Lewis, with Alexi Ogando on the disabled list three times, with Yu Darvish dealing with physical ailments down the stretch, with Lance Berkman being a bust, with Mitch Moreland and David Murphy not hitting, with Nelson Cruz missing 50 games with a suspension, and with their big mid-season pitching acquisition being a disappointment.

In February, the over/under on Ranger wins this season was 87.  The Rangers, despite the injuries and problems they dealt with, exceeded that by 4 wins.  I don't think its unreasonable to say that Ron Washington deserves some credit for that.

I wouldn't put Ron Washington in my top three for manager of the year, but I don't think its an indefensible vote, either.