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Wednesday Morning Links

If I learned anything from The Sandlot, it's that everyone loves a comically corpulent catcher.


Bengie Molina is back! According to Anthony Andro, Molina has it in his head that he's "just going to come in and help as many people as I can," which I am assuming means first base coaching by day and costumed vigilantism by night.

Jeff Wilson's notes column also deals with the Rangers narrowing the strategic Molina gap with the Cardinals by bringing Bengie aboard as a first base coach, and also allows us to eagerly watch our ex-girlfriend A.J. Pierzynski court some poor unlucky suitor.

Wilson also has updates from the Winter Meetings, with Jon Daniels saying they aren't actively targeting any free agent pitchers.

T.R. Sullivan says that Yu Darvish should win the Cy Young because the stats show he was the toughest to hit, even though his record didn't show it. Wait, T.R. Sullivan said that? Right on, man.

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, and in the GM meetings of the post-PED era the guy with a combined 3 year WAR under 4 is apparently a hot commodity.

Targeting the coveted "creeper" demo, the DMN has a slideshow on the Six Shooters.

Todd Wills voted Ron Washington third in the Manager of the Year balloting. Hm.

Richard Durrett says that Bengie Molina is bringing experience, hunger, and flesh colored Spanx that reek of championships, and looks back fondly on Molina tripling for the cycle in 2010.

Durrett also looks at the potential trade market for Profar.

Finally, here's WhatWouldISay, a Facebook app that uses your previous status updates to create Horse_ebooks style algorithmic social media koans. I'm starting to wonder if some of the people in my newsfeed have not been secretly using the beta version of this for years. Among the statuses it generated for me: "Since Matt Harrison has it now, maybe I now have a lawn mower with a chance of partly awesome," "lack of molecules in the ladies," "this is a quark and some black plastic glasses, hipster," and "science says we can kill you and she bailed before the TV."