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Thursday Morning Links

Yu Darvish briefly unplugs from charging station to issue terse Cy Young statement in binary

Norm Hall

Yu Darvish finished a distant second in the Cy Young balloting, receiving one fewer first place vote than Michael Young in 2010. Don't worry, though, BigSteve... Jon Daniels is here to be the voice of reason, rightfully pointing out that while the strong Cy Young showing makes it slightly more likely that Darvish can opt out of the final year of his deal, it's the ravings of a crazy person to suggest that performance meriting Cy Young consideration is a bad thing. T.R. Sullivan's story has a table of all the votes.

David Schoenfield makes some very valid points about why teams should be cautious in their pursuit of Nelson Cruz.

Todd Wills explains his third place vote for Ron Washington as manager of the year: the third best manager in the American League was able to keep an epic late season collapse from becoming a historic late season collapse.

Dave Anderson will be going to the Ranger afterlife: Baltimore.

Apparently, the Rangers are working to arrange a recruiting visit with Carlos Beltran.

Ray Davis should be ritually confirmed as the Rangers' designated control person after the MLB owners' traditional hazing: squishing bananas in a toilet while blindfolded and then trading for Vernon Wells.

Hoping for at least a ten percent increase in thoracic outlet syndrome diagnoses over the next five years, the Rangers have made some changes to their medical staff.

Finally, if you thought the number one unholiest abomination celebrating the Marlins was the home run "sculpture," think again.

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