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Ray Davis approved as Rangers' "control person"

MLB has approved Ray Davis as the Texas Rangers' new control person


Per the folks on Twitter, MLB owners have unanimously approved the appointment of Ray Davis as the new "control person" for the Texas Rangers.  Davis will be replacing Nolan Ryan, who left the organization at the end of October.

Per Jeff Wilson, Davis "reluctantly" met with a couple of members of the media, and said that Jon Daniels would report directly to him and/or Bob Simpson.  Davis and Simpson are the two main "money men" who have the largest ownership interests in the team.

Davis had indicated at the press conference where Ryan announced his departure that he and Simpson would alternate representing the team at the ownership level, and MLB was expected to approve him as the new control person.

While at least one member of the D/FW media has suggested that Davis wants more "face time," and this desire helped push Nolan Ryan out, to date, Davis has spent very little time in the public eye.

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