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Texas Rangers sign Adam Rosales to one year contract

The Texas Rangers have signed Adam Rosales to a one year contract

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Per Rangers p.r. man John Blake on Twitter, the Rangers have signed infielder Adam Rosales to a one year deal.  Rosales, who was claimed on waivers by Texas from Oakland last year, then was lost to Oakland on waivers, then was re-claimed by Texas on waivers, was arbitration eligible.

Richard Durrett says that the deal is worth $750,000.  MLB Trade Rumors had projected that Rosales would get $900,000 in arbitration.

By re-signing Rosales, the Rangers have a viable option for a utility infielder in place.  That's something that the Rangers have had an issue with the previous few seasons.  In 2010, they signed Khalil Greene, he never showed up for spring training, and after sifting through various unacceptable candidates, they acquired Andres Blanco late in spring training.  Blanco ended up being solid for Texas in 2010 and 2011, but was dropped before the 2012 season.  The Rangers had Alberto Gonzalez and Luis Hernandez as utility infielders in 2012, but neither played well or much, and Michael Young ended up being the primary backup infielder.  In 2013, the Rangers started the season with Leury Garcia as their UIF before promoting Jurickson Profar, with Rosales also being in the mix once he was claimed.

Re-signing Rosales also seems to indicate that the Rangers aren't planning on using Profar as the utility infielder this year.  That would appear to mean that either one of the middle infielders is going to be traded, Ian Kinsler will have to change positions, or Profar will go back to AAA.  Of those three options, at this point, I'd say Kinsler changing positions is most likely (by a hair), and Profar going back to AAA is least likely, by a wide margin.