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Cabrera, McCutchen named MVPs; Beltre finishes 7th

Miguel Cabrera has been named the 2013 A.L. MVP, and Andrew McCutchen has been named the 2013 N.L. MVP


The BBWAA has announced that Miguel Cabrera has been named the 2013 American League Most Valuable Player.  Cabrera received 23 first place votes.

Mike Trout, who finished in second place (and who, in my opinion, was clearly the most worthy of the award), received 5 first place votes.  Chris Davis, who finished third, and Josh Donaldson, who finished fourth, also received one vote apiece.

Adrian Beltre finished in a tie for 7th place, along with Dustin Pedroia.  Robinson Cano finished in 5th place, and Evan Longoria in 6th place.

Yu Darvish received one tenth place vote, putting him in a tie for 22nd.

On the N.L. side, Andrew McCutchen won, getting 28 first place votes.  Paul Goldschmidt was second, with Yadier Molina picking up the other two first place votes and finishing third in the balloting.

The links above have the full voting breakdown, including each individual voter's full ballot, if you would like to see more details.