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Friday Morning Links

Oakland, you can have Adam Rosales when you pry him from our cold, dead hands.

Tom Pennington

Jeff Wilson was one of two reporters present when Ray Davis exited the meeting where he was officially confirmed as the Rangers' control person. Gil Lebreton opines that Ray Davis is no Jerry Jones, which is great because the sight of an elderly, hard partying oligarch rapping in a pizza commercial is a symbol of everything wrong in the world.

The Rangers have assured that they won't have to engage in waiver wire fights with the A's over Adam Rosales in 2014.

Ray Davis hopes that the only change that will result from his taking over the reins as organizational control person is that "hopefully we'll win the World Series." #leadershippings

Mike Napoli to Derek Holland: "I just made $800,000 talking to you for this five minutes sitting here."

Here's 500 words of Jon Daniels saying absolutely nothing about this year's owners meeting in Orlando.

Mike Napoli on Mike Napoli: "I like to party."

Thad Levine says that no one team seems ready to make any trades, but that the Rangers will be ready when the levee breaks.

Todd Wills looks at Shin Soo-Choo in his hot stove column, and the verdict is that he's on the decline and there are better options available.

Richard Durrett looks at a young Ranger fan who wants Jose Bautista to come play in Texas.

We're going to have expanded replay, but we'll have to wait until January before we know how the rules are going to work.