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This Day in LSB History -- BA's AFL top 20 from 2007

Six years ago, I posted about a baffling decision Baseball American made in doing their AFL top 20 list

Hannah Foslien

Six years ago today, I did a post about Baseball America's AFL top 20 list, and how they ranked Taylor Teagarden and John Mayberry, Jr., in the top 20, but not fellow Ranger prospects Matt Harrison and Elvis Andrus.

At the time, I thought the Harrison ranking was kind of understandable, but felt Mayberry over Andrus was ludicrous.  Teagarden was a helium guy at the time, coming off a season where he posted a 1012 OPS while splitting the season between AA and AAA, and was a top 100 prospect coming into 2008, so I get why he was ranked where he was.

But Mayberry was the same, flawed, one-dimensional prospect he always had been, and I didn't get it at the time.  In retrospect, of course, putting Mayberry above Andrus and Harrison looks mistaken, but then, so does having Teagarden ahead of Elvis and Harrison.

For what it is worth, Elvis Andrus was ranked #19 in the pre-2008 rankings, well above both Teagarden and Mayberry, so the AFL rankings seem rather idiosyncratic.