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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links


Morning everyone.

Evan Grant has a story this morning about the options the Rangers have in regards to their middle infield logjam, with Grant saying that standing pat and not trading any of them is an option that "grows more realistic by the day."

Jim Callis has a piece about yesterday's AFL championship game that focuses on Ranger prospect Jorge Alfaro, and among other things, his manager praised him for making "really good mound visits," one of those subtle things in the development of a catcher that we don't necessarily notice, but that the coaches and player development folks do.

Jamey Newberg walks through a possible Rangers offseason outcome in his latest report, which includes trading Ian Kinsler in a deal to land a bat.

Christina Kahrl writes that the Rangers should trade Ian Kinsler, even if it means eating $3-5 million per year on his deal, and using the savings to sign Brian McCann, a first baseman, and "an outfielder with an impact bat."

Jason Collette has a piece at FanGraphs about Martin Perez's contract extension, and how similar extensions for young pitchers have worked out.

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