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Colby Lewis: Rangers want me back, have made fair offer

Colby Lewis talks about his free agent status, and that the Texas Rangers would like for him to return

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

2013 was a lost year for Colby Lewis, who hoped to be back in May after undergoing surgery in 2012 to repair a torn tendon flexor in his elbow, had a couple of rehab stints get cut short, and then underwent hip surgery that ended his season without ever taking the mound in the major leagues.

Lewis was on MLB Network Radio today, and they tweeted what Lewis had to say about his situation:

This makes sense...Lewis isn't going to get a major league contract, most likely, so he's going to want to get a minor league deal and spring invite from the team that gets him the best opportunity to be in a rotation.  That may be Texas -- my guess is that, if he comes to camp and is healthy, the Rangers would roll with him in the rotation -- but there may be a better opportunity out there for him, and it only makes sense he is going to wait and see what his options are before committing.

That said, I'd really like it if Colby returned to Texas.

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