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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for all your Yu Darvish sciatic nerve news

Well, here's your problem
Well, here's your problem
Norm Hall

Nothing like waking up, hopping on Lone Star Ball, and being greeted by the Big Mac Fantasy Football Wizard. That's how you know it's going to be a good day.

Because I like embedding videos, here's a video of Richard Justice talking about the Rangers having a busy offseason ahead of them:

Todd Wills takes a look at Max Scherzer and then probably screams because those eyes are the work of the devil. Also, Scherzer probably isn't going to be traded so it's kind of moot. But, then again, winter is the time when moot fills comment threads.

Richard Durrett writes about Carlos Ruiz's new deal with Philadelphia and examines how it impacts the Brian McCann/rest of the free agent catcher market.

T.R. Sullivan updates us on Yu Darvish's ass. Darvish is in town to get a checkup from the Rangers on the lower back/buttocks area nerve issue that plagued him at the end of last season.

Anthony Andro writes that Derek Holland has read about how you want to trade him to Toronto but he's not going to stress out about it. After all, he's a movie star now.

Finally, Gerry Fraley was on SportsDay On Air to, get this, hate on something. This time, Fraley is perturbed that baseball is expanding replay. Fraley would prefer that baseball keep the "human element" while, revealing his latent masochism, admitting that he actually likes it when umpires get a call wrong.

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