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Report: Rangers, Tigers agree to Kinsler/Fielder trade

Jon Heyman writes that the Rangers and Tigers have agreed to a blockbuster involving Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder


The Rangers and Tigers have agreed to a blockbuster trade sending Ian Kinsler to Detroit for first baseman Prince Fielder, per Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Fielder, coming off a down year, is owed $168 million through the 2020 season.

Ian Kinsler is owed either $62 million over 4 years, or $67 million over 5 years if his fifth year option is exercised.

I had just gotten done writing that this deal is unlikely, but the Rangers have been looking for a big-time power bat to fill the DH, COF or 1B spots for some time, and have been looking for a way to get Jurickson Profar into the middle infield mix.

With Elvis Andrus having just signed a big contract extension, Kinsler appeared to be the most likely player to be moved.

I am assuming the Tigers will be paying some of Fielder's remaining salary.

More updates on this as the details become available.

UPDATE -- Evan Grant says that, per several sources, the deal is done pending Commissioner's approval, with money going to Texas.

UPDATE II -- Ken Rosenthal says it was a one-for-one deal this afternoon, but it is unknown whether that's the current deal.

UPDATE III -- Jon Paul Morosi says it is a one for one deal.  No additional players going either way.

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