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Thursday Morning Links

Ranger fans about to realize how annoying Ian Kinsler is to opposing fans.

Kiyoshi Ota

Well, I guess Jon Daniels is a chubby chaser.

If you're looking for reactions to the trade, Adam posted a roundup last night. If you're looking for Adam's reaction to the trade, he's heartbroken and spent most of last night piecing together a "Kinsler gets ejected" supercut soundtracked with Boyz II Men breakup ballads. It's going to be today's Friday Afternoon Video.

Anthony Andro says that the Rangers have filled what must have been a very voluminous void with Prince Fielder.

Randy Galloway has a column where we learn that trading for Fielder is probably the right move even if Jon Daniels only did it because he was goaded into it by his own incompetence. We also learn that Daniels is still a failure if Jurickson Profar doesn't have a 10 WAR 2014 and Ray Davis is probably an evil megalomaniac of a Jerry Jonesian order of magnitude but is cleverly hiding it with his public silence.

Drew Davison has a writeup that is thankfully free of probably delusional soap opera drama.

Richard Justice gives the trade a positive review and says there's a lot of upside for the Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan's take on the trade is interesting largely for tea-leaf reading, as there are a number of cryptic comments about the future of Mitch Moreland and signing Brian McCann to be a backup catcher.

Gerry Fraley observes that there are a lot of similarities between Josh Hamilton and Prince Fielder, provided you ignore position, physique, plate discipline, swing percentages, durability, energy drinks, substance abuse, and ethnicity.

Here are some Fielder highlights, including stealing a fan's nachos during a game and appearing in a McDonald's commercial with his dad.

The DMN also has an old ESPN commercial from 2010 where Ian and Fielder discussing trading themselves for Tim Lincecum.

David Schoenfield acknowledges that one possibility is that Kinsler leaving opens a spot for Jurickson Profar but believes it's more likely that we sign Robinson Cano, though in Richard Durrett's "what does the trade mean" post he doesn't agree.

Jon Daniels says that Profar will have to compete for the starting job.

Jean-Jacques Taylor thinks the trade is just swell.

Richard Durrett looks back on Kinsler's time with the Rangers and notes he was an integral part of some great teams.

In non-Fielder news, the Rangers picked up Shawn Tolleson on a waiver claim and added Ben Rowen, Lisalverto Bonilla and Luis Sardina to the 40 man roster.

Finally, the last surviving members of the Doolittle raid drank some bangin' cognac that was supposed to go to the last man standing but, hey, they're old as hell.

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