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Friday morning Rangers stuff

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Roughly 36 hours since Ian Kinsler has been traded for Prince Fielder, and the Rangesphere is still abuzz with the news.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Prince Fielder will get a fresh start in Texas after a rough 2013 season in Detroit, and has quotes from Jon Daniels, Dave Dombrowski, and Ron Washington about Prince.

Sullivan has a separate piece with quotes from Fielder about how excited he is to be a Ranger.

Anthony Andro has a story about Fielder starting fresh with Texas.

Drew Davison has a piece in the S-T about Prince that includes "fresh start" in the headline, and also mentions that Yu Darvish's back problem is better now.

Tim Cowlishaw is fired up about the trade, and says this makes the Rangers better.

Phil Rogers thinks the Rangers are doing an old Carpenters number, singing, "We've only just begun..." in regards to the offseason. Rogers talks about the Rangers trading Jurickson Profar and signing Robinson Cano, going after a free agent outfielder, and getting involved in the Tanaka bidding.

Evan Grant writes that this trade puts the Rangers in a position where they can be flexible in regards to what they do over the rest of the winter.

Andro sets out five questions that still have to be answered in regards to the Rangers' roster.

Speaking of five, Evan Grant has "five quick thoughts" on the Prince Fielder/Ian Kinsler trade.

Richard Durrett asks what's next?, in regards to the Rangers' offseason.

Mitch Moreland, who was the incumbent first baseman before this deal, says he has "no idea" what his future with the Rangers is.

In off-the-field news, Paige Farragut has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service.

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