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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links


So, no more talk about signing Brian McCann this offseason.  Personally, I'm shocked he'd pass up the chance at backing up Geovany Soto to go play for the Yankees...

Richard Durrett writes that the Rangers really liked McCann, but not for the type of deal he got with the Yankees.

Evan Grant looks at the available options to help the offense now that McCann is on the board, with the Rangers still having potential holes at DH, LF and backup catcher.

Over at SI, Jon Tayler has a piece that talks about how catchers age and Brian McCann's future that makes me feel better about passing on him.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on the Rangers re-signing Colby Lewis, with quotes from Thad Levine about how excited the Rangers are to have him back, and that Lewis hopes to be ready by the start of spring training, but they are going to let him progress on his schedule.

Anthony Andro also has a story on the return of Colby Lewis to the Rangers.

There's a story in the S-T about Colbyashi coming back to Texas, as well.

The DMN has excerpts from an appearance Thad Levine did with Ben and Skin, talking about the Prince Fielder/Ian Kinsler trade.

Neftali Feliz threw a perfect inning last night in winter ball.

And finally, the S-T has a story on the passing of Sister Maggie Hession, a Catholic nun who was a devoted Ranger fan and who is being buried in a casket that is the Rangers colors and has the team logo on it.

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