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Thanksgiving Morning Links

Belly up to the table and cram some Thanksgiving links into your gaping pie-hole.


What I learned in this T.R. Sullivan article: 1) we have a pitcher in the organization named Joe Burns; 2) while relevant players like Feliz and Profar were in the Dominican Winter League Joe Burns was playing Winter Ball in Australia; 3) in Australia, hitters run the bases clockwise.

The Rangers claimed OF Rafael Ortega from the Colorado Rockies. It appears that he's fast and just a thoracic outlet surgery away from being a major league contributor.

T.R. Sullivan has an article about Derek Holland's charitable work with children, noting that he gave some schoolkids advice about their diet and that he will be donating money to Cook's Childrens and Children's Medical Center.

My ex-girlfriend used to use my bank information to sign me up for weekly charitable donations to the North Texas Food Bank when she was angry at me. I still get emails from them and, for all I know, I'm still making weekly donations as I never could figure out how to turn the donations off and had to rely on her to do so for me. For those of you who do not require domestic disputes to "encourage" you to be charitable, the Rangers are collecting unwrapped toys for needy Tarrant County children.

According to Rick Gosselin, baseball teams operate under first generation AD&D rules and must specialize in either stealth, power, or sorcery with strictly no multi-classing allowed.

Richard Durrett looked at Kendrys Morales in yesterday's Hot Stove column, noting that he's probably preferable to Mitch Moreland but that so is despair even though despair is not a baseball player but a complex emotional state brought on by the last several seasons of Mitch Moreland.

Finally, here's an article at Scientific American that looks at why seahorses have that distinctive horsey shape (spoiler alert: so that trashy women would have something to tattoo themselves with besides the outlines of their babies' feet).