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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Ronald Martinez

Good morning, everyone.  Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

There's not a lot out there, Rangers-news-wise, today.

Richard Durrett talks about the Rangers possibly trading for David Price, although acquiring Price would likely mean parting with Jurickson Profar, which makes a deal less likely now that Ian Kinsler is gone (although Durrett invokes the name of Robinson Cano in connection with filling a second base hole if Profar is dealt).

There's an article at the Rangers website that talks about how Jorge Alfaro is an elite catching prospect.

And Rick Gosselin was on with Norm Hitzges recently, and explained that the reason the Rangers traded for Prince Fielder is because the team runs into too many outs:

I think the Rangers last year they felt with Josh gone they were going to have to manufacture runs with their legs, and I think they felt pretty good about that. But they ran into so many outs last year, that's the message, they're going back to the long ball because they can't be trusted on the basepaths.

I don't understand that, but there you go...