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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Morning everyone.  Happy turn back the clock day.

Yesterday was the AFL Fall Stars Game, and Ranger minor league Brett Nicholas was named the MVP of the game.  Nicholas, who was originally drafted as a catcher, is going to catch in winter ball, as the Rangers try to determine if he might be able to move back behind the plate.

Evan Grant has a piece on what the Rangers can learn from the success of the 2013 Boston Red Sox, and has some suggestions on what the Rangers can do to get back to contention.  And if the idea of signing Carlos Ruiz to catcher and Kendrys Morales to play first base while paying another team $30M to take Ian Kinsler excites you, this is an article you'll want to read.

Some members of the media seem rather desperate to get Kinsler out of town this offseason, and paying half of what he's due -- which would mean the team acquiring him would just have to pay him about $7M per year for five years for his services -- seems to qualify as "desperate."

UPDATE -- Evan tweeted me and said he's not desperate to get Kinsler out of Texas.