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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for all your Giancarlo Stanton denials

Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is fun happening.
Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is fun happening.
Justin Edmonds

So what did you folks do with your extra hour?

Jason Wojciechowski over at ESPN forecasts the winter for the American League West and sees the Rangers targeting an expensive big bat and a cheaper not as big bat to go along with a roster that should contend again in 2014.

Tim Dierkes presents the eighth annual Top 50 Free Agents over at MLB Trade Rumors. Therein, Dierkes predicts the Rangers will sign free agent No. 4 Brian McCann while being in the mix for virtually every other hitter on the list.

Dierkes thinks the Dodgers will win the rights to sign Japanese hurler Masahiro Tanaka because the Dodgers won't rest until they have every starting pitcher. But the biggest news of the day regarding Tanaka, per Richard Durrett, is that he lost a game in Japan. In fact, it was Game 6 of the Japan Series with his Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles having the chance to clinch the series.

Tanaka was 26-0 this season and had won 30 straight dating back to August of 2012. That's right, until Saturday, Tanaka hadn't lost a game since before the Rangers had tanked a season the first time. Nevertheless, losing the clinching game of a series even when your team gives you two runs of support (the Golden Eagles lost 4-2)? Sounds like Tanaka just isn't ace tough.

Per Gerry Fraley, solidly middle relief tough Robbie Ross improved upon his Dominican Republic winter league debut ERA of 108.00 by pitching three innings of one-run ball in his second start.

The DMN asks you to vote on which Rangers' prospect you're most excited about without even listing Nick Williams. The nerve! The gall! You can, however, vote for Wilmer Font.

Finally, give it up already:

It's never happening. You're getting Marlon Byrd and James Loney and you're going to have to like it.