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Bowden: Rangers one of "best-positioned" clubs for offseason

Jim Bowden writes that the Rangers are one of four clubs who are well-positioned to have a successful offseason

Tom Pennington

Jim Bowden has a new piece up at ESPN about the teams that are best-positioned to have a successful offseason, with Bowden singling out the Cardinals, the Dodgers, the Red Sox and the Rangers as being the best situated.

Texas gets praise for winning 91 games despite having a bunch of things go wrong in 2013, and while the local media has suggested the payroll may go down in 2014, Bowden states "the Rangers’ payroll was approximately $125 million in 2013, and they’ll move it up this offseason."

I don't know if this is his speculation, or if Bowden knows something, but its interesting that he contradicts those who say payroll will be in the $120M range.

In any case, Bowden says the Rangers have money to spend and assets to trade -- identifying Robbie Ross, interestingly, as someone they are willing to move -- and will make Brian McCann their top priority, as well as trying to find a legit top of the rotation starter to pair with Yu Darvish.