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Heyman's free agent predictions

Jon Heyman has a column up with predictions on what 65 free agents will end up getting this offseason

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman has a new column up, in which he, an anonymous agent, and an anonymous g.m. make predictions on what contracts the top 65 free agents will end up getting.

Its interesting to see the projections and the differences, so I'd encourage you to check out the entire thing.  Of particular note to Rangers fans:

Brian McCann is projected at 5/$80 by both the g.m. and by Heyman, and at 5/$75 by the agent.  I suspect the Rangers will be willing to go 5/$80 for McCann, who is reportedly the top free agent target of Texas, and I'll take the "over" on those contract figures.

Five players are projected to get bigger deals than McCann, including Matt Garza, who the g.m. and Heyman both have at 5/$85, with the agent going 4/$66.  Good luck to whatever team gets stuck with Garza at that price.

The agent predicts Nelson Cruz accepts the qualifying offer, while the g.m. and Heyman both predict 4 year deals in the $15-16 million range.  There's no way the Rangers give Cruz that much, I don't think.

Mike Napoli is projected to come in at three years, $13 million per, and I'd pass at that price.

Joe Nathan is projected at $12-13 million for 2-3 years.  David Murphy is 1-2 years at $5-6 per year.