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Daniels: Soto is "our guy" at catcher

In announcing the Rangers' signing of Geovany Soto, Jon Daniels indicates that the team plans on Soto being the team's starting catcher

Rick Yeatts

Well, this is interesting.

Jon Daniels says that the Rangers are planning on going into the 2014 season with Geovany Soto as their starting catcher.

While Daniels apparently left open the possibility that the Rangers could pursue another catcher who could also get time at 1B or DH, based on what is being said today, the Rangers are prepared to roll with Soto as their #1 guy.

Where I think this leaves things is that, if the Rangers can sign Brian McCann for what they believe to be the right number, they discussed in my earlier post, McCann could catch 100 games, DH 20 or 30 games, and Soto would give the team a strong backup.

Otherwise, Texas appears to think that Soto is as good as any of the other options on the market, and they're prepared to move forward with him behind the plate.

If the Rangers don't land McCann, they appear to be in a situation where Shin-Soo Choo and Masahiro Tanaka would likely be their top free agent targets.

One other thing...for those questioning what Dave Magadan did last year, Soto is quoted in the piece linked above praising Magadan for getting him back on track offensively.