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Thursday Morning Links

No, really, Brian McCann is TOTALLY in to you.

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Ronald Martinez

Those of you that have read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress will see a little of Mannie's and The Professor's campaign to find a suitable location on Earth for an orbital catapult in Brian McCann's agent's recent comments about Texas. Because Texas is a "good fit." So don't be a Negative Nancy. Even though he probably isn't coming here.

Yesterday's ESPN Hot Stove Talk focused on Brian McCann, and why he would and wouldn't make sense here.

Jorge Alfaro is going bonkers in the Arizona Fall League.

I am fascinated by my recent discovery of StoryCorps. Here is another entry, where a child with Asperger's interviews his mother. Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders make me wonder about the beetles they have in their boxes.

Finally, because there's not a lot out there for me to link, here's an essay on Rorschach and Immanuel Kant that I read in a collection called The Philosophy of Watchmen.