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Sunday morning Rangers things

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Sunday morning Rangers news and links

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Morning everyone.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column where he theorizes that the Rangers traded Ian Kinsler and kept Jurickson Profar because the Rangers traded Adrian Gonzalez eight years ago, and he turned into a really good player, so Jon Daniels didn't want to repeat that mistake.

I have my doubts that is the case.

There are also quotes from Jon Daniels where he says other teams value Profar just as much as they did before the season, which is contrary to what some in the media have asserted, although really, what else is Daniels going to say?

Gerry Fraley has a piece on Neftali Feliz and Robbie Ross's performance in winter ball, with quotes from their pitching coach, who has praise for both the pitchers, as well as quotes from Thad Levine.

And that's it this morning.